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Embark on a Caribbean cruise and explore the world’s most beautiful beaches nature has blessed the Caribbean with. Discover the white sand beaches and explore some volcanic black ones. Get on to an action-packed, thrilling adventure and boost your adrenaline with scuba diving, cliff-diving, cave tubing, zip-lining, or snorkeling coral reefs in crystal clear waters or relax on the beach, enjoy plenty of sun and let yourself caressed with breeze-swaying, white sand passing through your toes.

You can dare to climb up cascading waterfalls, roam around in the rainforests, hike the grass-covered mountain peaks or descend into enchanting caves. You may get on to fun excursions like parasailing, swimming with pink dolphins, stingrays, or venturing submarine rides. You may also relax your mind by playing golf on a lush green course or riding horseback through bluish waters. It’s a never-ending show!

An excursion without good food is incomplete. Our chefs on the cruise offer exotic cuisine with enchanting flavors to relish your taste buds.

Whether an overnight excursion or a two-week island-hopping adventure, you’ll come back completely refreshed when you cruise with 4 Love 2 Travel.

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Customer Reviews

“Pamela was Extremely helpful and thorough with helping us plan!”

Edward B.

“Pamela is awesome to work with!! She is very knowledgeable, prompt, and easy to talk to. Thank You!!!”

Ms. S.

“Was seeking a family trip to Niagra Falls that was part service / mission and part relaxation. Was not able to find what I wanted mostly due to the timing (early August getting close to start of school), but had a great experience at Niagra Falls. Pamela was traveling and attending all day classes during part of my planning time, but she was responsive, let me know when she would get back to me if she wasn’t immediately available, researched & sent several quotes, searched for exactly what I was looking for in the accommodations, offered recommendations, and was patient. She’s also very personable. Enjoyed my experience with Pamela and my trip.”

Dianne B.

“These guys are the best option to have your trip tailored from, I am a traveler who has been around many places, I stopped by at 4Luv2 Travel to get some ideas about my next trip, with just a little information, experts dealing with me designed the most amazing travel plan that I just got done experiencing, I’ve got to see a lot of things and places I’ve never experienced before. 4Luv2 Travel are as legit as it gets and they sure know their traveling! Highly Recommend Them!”

James Timothy Scott

“This tour was an amazing opportunity to get up close and personal with the wildlife and nature. Extremely safe and controlled. 4Luv2 Travel’s perfectly tailored itinerary helped us to experience various animals and the music and dancing of the indigenous people at the jungle camp, cultural villages and a lot more than we had expected. Thanks to 4Luv2 Travel for offering such amazing services! 10/10”

Mark J. Renzo

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